French wine which grape?

wine label2

Many French wine labels are packed with lots of useful information, however it is very rare that you see the grape variety included.

Yesterday, my father in law gave me a nice bottle of Bordeaux in exchange for some shopping I had done for him. It was a bottle from a small estate I had never heard of so I didn’t know it was right or left bank, merlot or cabernet sauvignon- based. Thank goodness for google as this information wasn’t on the bottle.

You can’t help thinking that it might be useful for consumers to know this, but is it  all to do with the mystique of French wines?

Any other food or drink product you buy has a list of the ingredients and as wine makers alter the percentage of different grapes in a vintage depending on the growing conditions it can alter the taste a fair amount.

Perhaps I am taking away the element of surprise but if you are like me and really favour merlot based wines, it is important. Anyway the good news was that it is a merlot.

Next time lets take a look at the relatively new classification system as I have bought a couple of bottles which just describe themselves as Vin de France.



About Man et Vin

I am a 47 year old living in Nottingham. Maybe, like me, you have become disillusioned by the quality and variety of most wine that is sold in the UK. I am not anti supermarket or wine store but there must be more out there. Please join me on my journey to find decent good value wine. At the same time I want to find out more about storage, availablity and discover some of the lesser known wine growing areas. I have nothing to do with the wine industry, as it happens I am a middle manager in a financial services company.
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