Bottled in the UK

You may well have seen this on the back of a bottle and been a little perplexed. You can understand why English wine is bottled here but why are Australian and wines from further afield sometimes bottled here?  It may shock you to learn that a large proportion of supermarket wines are shipped over in these huge vacuum packed bags inside regular shipping containers.

wine bag

A company on an industrial estate in Durham called Greencroft Bottling is Europe’s leading wine bottling plant. They filled 71 million bottles last year.

The benefits seemed to be less transport costs and CO2 emissions. The bulk shipping defers the moment of bottling and thus the start of the wine’s shelf life. Less damage to bottles and labels. This all sounds fantastic and logical.

For me it just removes the feeling of terroir a bit . I love it when it says on the label that it was bottled by the proprietor or on the estate. You can quite imagine this, where as a warehouse in Durham is a little more taxing. But may be a little more hygienic than this.

wine bottling

I’ll leave it up to you, but next time you buy a bottle of Australian or Chilean wine, take a look at the label.


About Man et Vin

I am a 47 year old living in Nottingham. Maybe, like me, you have become disillusioned by the quality and variety of most wine that is sold in the UK. I am not anti supermarket or wine store but there must be more out there. Please join me on my journey to find decent good value wine. At the same time I want to find out more about storage, availablity and discover some of the lesser known wine growing areas. I have nothing to do with the wine industry, as it happens I am a middle manager in a financial services company.
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2 Responses to Bottled in the UK

  1. Roel and Petra says:

    fully agree that wine bottled at the premises is to be preferred. Nice writing again!

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