Vin Jaune to Maillot Jaune

We have just enjoyed a great holiday in France. One of the places we stayed was Besançon, which is a place you just normally  travel through to somewhere more exciting but we decided it merited a few days for a stop over. My real motivation was to try the much-lauded Vin Jaune, which is wine unique to the Jura mountain area.  Well, what a great and beautiful place it proved to be. I can honestly say that we have never eaten better anywhere in France.

summer holiday 2013 049

Before our trip I had already identified the restaurant in which I wanted to try the fabled wine. Le vin et assiette is a wine shop with a restaurant above. Although this  simple description does it a huge disservice, the owner is a master of the vin and runs a great traditional French restaurant.

summer holiday 2013 176

As you order you food, Bernard chooses the wine to go with each course. Having said that, the wine came on arrival. with the courses and even between courses, what a feast!

Such a generous host.

We decided to taste the Vin Jaune with its obvious food match, Comte cheese. The VJ is a really interesting wine made broadly in the same way as sherry but without the fortification. It tastes quite oxidised which takes a bit of getting used to but after a few sips all is well. The taste is influenced by the unusual production method for Vin Jaune  This involves leaving the wine in a partially filled wooden barrel after fermentation  for six years.

vin j

Not something I would enjoy on an average Saturday night but well worth the experience.

Anyway on to our ultimate destination. We  had really struck lucky, we booked our apartment in October then shortly afterwards the 100th Tour de France route was announced and it was coming right passed us, on a hill climb at the Col de la Croix fry.

We were fascinated by a structure our neighbour had been building over the preceding few days but thought it was just a viewing platform for his friends, how wrong we were!

We were awoken at 08.30 by someone singing and it proved to be the band tuning up. I think English health and safety would have had a field day looking at the support structure.

summer holiday 2013 122

The pelaton wasn’t due for another 7 1/2 hours but this didn’t stop them. After serenading oncoming motorists…

summer holiday 2013 134

The Tour rolled in at at 16.00 and we paid homage to Froome et al for a great and hopefully, clean event.

summer holiday 2013 157

After the excitement and thunder-storm had died down we went out for a meal and returned at 23.00 and he was still singing, some lungs.


About Man et Vin

I am a 47 year old living in Nottingham. Maybe, like me, you have become disillusioned by the quality and variety of most wine that is sold in the UK. I am not anti supermarket or wine store but there must be more out there. Please join me on my journey to find decent good value wine. At the same time I want to find out more about storage, availablity and discover some of the lesser known wine growing areas. I have nothing to do with the wine industry, as it happens I am a middle manager in a financial services company.
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